How Important Is Call Tracking in Online Marketing?

The internet has radically changed the world of marketing. Today, you’ll find companies jockeying for an excellent position of awareness in the virtual world by making use of various online marketing campaigns. And in the realm called the World Wide Web, everyone agrees that content is king.

The term ‘content,’ of course, not just about the written word, as many falsely perceive. Content involves a multi-disciplinary strategy in making something or someone known. It can be anything from an image with a caption to an AVP (audio-video presentation). It can range from blog posts to social media posts to email newsletters. In other words, anything that you see and hear on the web that seeks to promote a brand can be classified as content.

Call Tracking

Now how would you know if your content is helping you achieve your marketing goals? Certainly, you can determine that by using analytics. But what if you get calls? Can you track your marketing ROI through them? You certainly can via a service called call tracking. There are certain marketing call tracking media platforms that direct potential and existing customers to call you. A call tracking software can help your company assess and understand where the concentration of calls are coming from, among others.

The Importance of Call Analytics

Call analytics is a vital element in the entire online marketing campaign. Knowing where leads come from as well as how many have been generated is actually as relevant as knowing how much traffic your business site has. The information and data you gather can then be used to improve your marketing strategy. It can even help you understand even more your customer base. Without call tracking, you’re left making guesses on things like where the calls you’re getting off your website originate.


There are various ways to implement a call tracking system. You have two basic options for it: hire an agency to collect and analyse information or do it yourself by using a call tracking software. Both have its own pros and cons. But in terms of making more savings, your company is better off with the second option, which is doing it yourself. However, understanding the data and making sense of it can be challenging for the uninitiated.

Should Your Company Go For It?

If you want to improve your marketing ROI, the definite answer is ‘yes.’ In fact, if you’re not doing it yet, you should start doing it now. You don’t want your time, energy, and resources to continually be spent on something you’re not sure even works or delivers excellent results. What’s great about call tracking is that you can track leads to an individual source, even right down to specific keywords used to find your site.


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