Three Things Your Wedding Planner Doesn’t Want You to Know

Wedding planners are the soldiers of the wedding industry. They work hard to make sure that their clients have wonderful weddings, and they aren’t afraid to get dirty while doing it. Your wedding planner can pick out gorgeous floral arrangements and save you 20% on your catering budget because she’s friends with a head chef, The Wedding Planner but there are some other things about your planner that they’d rather not have you know about.

They may go along with a terrible idea to keep their clients happy

It’s baffling to think that someone would hire a wedding planner and not listen to anything they have to say, but there are a lot of brides who plan their wedding from the ground up and treat their planners like glorified personal assistants. A bride may insist on having an outdoor wedding during the rainy season, usefulinfodaily or could demand that she has floral arrangements that are way out of her budget, and most of the time their wedding planners will silently nod and make their bad ideas happen. In cases like this most brides don’t want to hear the word “no”, and when they’re set on an idea their planner will make it happen so they can keep their business. You should obviously have a say in how you plan your own wedding, but it’s important to remember that you hired a planning expert for a reason.

They’re probably tired of your mother and mother-in-law

There are a lot of wedding planners who have no problem keeping their bridezilla clients happy, but when it comes to dealing with pushy mothers and mother-in-laws most planners want to tear their hair out. Nobody likes being talked down to, and when wedding planners with 10+ years of experience have a mother giving them a detailed list about everything they hate and would change about the wedding planners have to bite their tongue. Please do your wedding planner a favor and don’t let your mom or mother-in-law boss them around. It’ll keep your planner happy, and they won’t have to worry about pleasing anybody else than the bride. For more info visit here:-

They’ll keep wedding day snafus a secret from brides

Imagine that you’re a wedding planner that’s getting ready to head over to the reception hall on your client’s big day. Now imagine that as soon as you walk in you notice that the shifty catering staff is casually munching on a piece of your client’s wedding cake, and that you’ve just gotten a text from the DJ you hired saying that he can’t make it today. How would you handle this? A true wedding planner would say that they would devote all of their time and energy to not only fixing the problem, but to also keeping the bride from finding out about the mini emergencies.


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