Which Is Better Long Blog Posts or Short Blog Posts?

If you search the internet for what the perfect blog post length is you usdtocad will find conflicting information. Some will say that shorter posts are better and some will say longer blog posts are better. So which is it? Shorter or longer? The answer is it depends.

There is a place for shorter blogs. Posts that are shorter are ideal for selling products or services. Blogs that are short need to get right to point in 200 words or less. This length works well if you are able to grab the reader’s attention and make important points in forbes a small amount of words. One good example of someone who has had massive success with sticking to short blogs is Seth Godin. He has done posts in as little as 66 words. Forbes recommends his posts as ideal examples of how to have success with a shorter blog. So if you are considering writing a shorter post then check his out for formatting ideas.

There is a place for medium length blogs. In fact, it is advised in many places that the best length for a post would be in the medium range which is between 400 and 600 words. Most people will gravitate to these lengths and that is certainly fine. There is definitely a place for it. Business people who use their posts to improve SEO and get more traffic will find that posts of these lengths are more than adequate enough to get the job done. The most important thing here, as is in any length that you choose, is that you make the entry engaging enough to keep your reader’s attention to the very end.

There is a place for longer blogs. Longer posts, eshop development 1,000 words or more, are more common than you might think. You might ask why someone would sit down and write so many words. Well, that answer is easy, it is really good for SEO. Forbes points out that if you look at a report from serpIQ you would see that all of the posts that made it to the top ten results for Google had a minimum of 2000 words. They point out that the reason this happens is the flexibility of the keywords. The more words the more opportunity for Google crawlers. Forbes also points out that longer entries gain more opportunity for quality back links. mrtmediagmbh

Substance – this is the most basic consideration. What are you trying to say? What’s the substance? If you can say it in 100 words, then you may want to do so. If it requires 2000 words, that’s fine too.

Style – some writing styles lend themselves to content that is short, toalla playa brief, and to the point. Other times, the style is more conversational and interactive. Style will affect your content length.

Frequency – How often you post affects how long your posts are. Some bloggers may post only once a week, but when they do, it tends to be a very thorough blog post. Other sites pop out short ones every day. It’s just a matter of how much the content marketing team can manage. Good contents takes time. retroandclassicflixs

Format – the way an article is formatted has a massive impact upon its readability. I tend to use a lot of subheadings, a sprinkling of images, and short paragraphs. It’s important to break up your content into chunks so people can scan it.

Purpose – every good content merchantry plan has a purpose… many purposes actually. The ultimate goal is conversions, but within this broad goal, VPS Hosting there are sub goals. Other goals may be to spread brand awareness, drive social engagement, grow email lists, provide education or improve SEO. Different purposes will naturally mean different length requirements.


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