A Society Corrupted

The world today is driven by selfishness and greed. The sociological change in society has corrupted the modern world. Even the technological marvels of today has all but cemented the instant gratification mentality that has swept over societies, It is known that many of our values, extremesnacks the decorum, etiquette and morals are all past down from our parents to each subsequent generation. We learn by example from a very early age and yet the cultural tide today keeps pushing back the virtue and high moral values that played an eternal part of our society up until the mid 1960’s. When we really take a good hard look at our society today we find a society that is corrupted from within. The youth of yesterday are now the parents of today. And with that we find so many of our adults and youth making decisions that they are really not capable mentally to make. As a consequence are moral values have been corrupted. herbalicious

How this stark reversal of our society happened actually began by the mid 1960’s. A gradual weakening of parental authority that really began during that period when the so-called experts in child psychology and the Dr. Spock mentality that followed unleashed what has become a nation without virtue and a steady decline of moral values. We have to remember that the United States was founded by four basic principals Liberty, newtechratings Justice, Education and Morality. What has transpired within the span of just over 45 years we find that our political process, the continued racial divide, the gapping income disparity all have fostered a psychological transformation that has rendered our society incapable of turning the tide of malicious intent. This sociological shift in society where selfish desires have replaced a wholesome virtue that once was the bed rock of American society is the reality we face today. The consequence of which charteracatamaraninthebvi have seen decades of misguided parental efforts. What we did in the 1960’s with social liberalization toward our youth has now turned American society into a cesspool of selfishness and greed. This of course has created so much inequality and a corruption in our society.

There have been many contributing factors that have played an eternal part in rendering our society to become so corrupt. The choices we have made especially from our elected officials have had an adverse effect on the economic and financial reality facing America today. This economic reality is far different than it was after World War II up until 1970. As a result for the past 45 years the steady decline of financial support for so many Americans has made it possible for the change of values in our society. But, bostonhaikusociety by and large many parents are up against a cultural tide that is tied into the corruption of values and morals that has been allowed to take place within our society. It is our youth now who are victims of circumstances they have not much control over. Yet, too many parents have fallen into the trap of appeasing their child for the sake of expediency. This has led to the lack of discipline and with out the guidance they really need to make good decisions for the rest of their lives.

The economic reality of the past 40 years have had a disastrous effect on families especially the children. The financial burdens now facing parents have overwhelmed them to the point that the discipline and the parental authority has weakened to the point that too many cosmedclinic of our youth don’t receive the guidance they really need. This financial and economic reality of today has place more children with just one parent or worse yet they end up in foster care or in orphanages. The rise in gang related activities and crime is a result of our youth wanting so badly to belong, identify with and related to as a substitute for an authority figure. As a result we have had over 35 years of so many of our now adults and youth the choices they make have been corrupted. We see evidence of this every day all across the country and in the rest of the world.

Is it too late to reverse the trends that have been allowed to corrupt our society? There is hope but it will take more than a Presidential election to solve the many urgent needs to usher in a balance in our society. Education is paramount not only toward our youth but for parents to understand that proper guidance, discipline and a sense of calm understanding that each child is unique, learns at their own pace and has a quality all their own. It is up to that parent to nurture that quality to bring about fulfillment in their lives. To do this there has to be available the economic and financial support. Today, that support is unattainable for far too many. The corruption in our political process has for years made it almost impossible for parents to attain the financial support they need to raise their child so that they in turn can bring about a culture that centers on balance and unselfishness within our society. With education and having available financial resources parents today will have the means to give that guidance and discipline each child needs to continue to uncorrupt what is now a corrupted society. namibia


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